Are you a well-being narcissist?

  1. tomato_nutrition_label_1600_wht_13082Does yoga make you feel righteous even if you’re not sure why?
  2. Do you judge people when you see a white loaf or a multi-pack of crisps in someone’s shopping basket?
  3. Were you ever influenced to buy a meal or drink because the words “super grain”, “superfood” or “superdetox” appeared on the label?
  4. Do you believe blueberries have near magical properties?
  5. Do you think home-made cupcakes are OK whereas shop-bought biscuits with the same ingredients are not?
  6. When you find out your neighbour runs to work do you assume he must be a great employee?
  7. Have you or anyone in your family got really boring about gadgets that track sleep/steps/standing/heart rate?
  8. Do you agree with Arianna Huffington that “mindfulness is a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one”?
  9. Do you secretly imagine that you would manage better than most on the breadline because you would use it as an opportunity to walk more/eat more porridge?
  10. Do you acknowledge that a seriously overweight party leader would be unelectable?


Source: Times article 22 January 2015 – “Are you a better person because you think your body is a temple”


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