Nordic diet means you could be fat and healthy

fat_lady_sings_1600_wht_11693Nordic food – including fish , berries, game, whole grains and vegetables – might be the answer for dealing with the adverse effects of being overweight.

Finnish scientists found that this Nordic diet reduced genes associated with inflammation and linked to chronic diseases. It could also tackle the bad genes found in fatty adipose tissue.

Their study was part of the NordicSysdiet study and looked at middle-aged men and women with signs of metabolic syndrome including elevated blood pressure, high blood pressure and abnormal blood lipid values.

One group ate the Nordic diet referred to above which included at least three servings a week of fish, low fat dairy products and rape-seed oil.

Another group limited their intake of fish and consumed butter-based spreads and low-fibre products.

Although their weight didn’t change genes associated with inflammation were reduced in the Nordic diet group.

The fact that diet can affect genes without weight loss is significant and shows how a healthy diet can heal low-grade inflammation which is associated with chronic disease.

There seems to be a strong case for eating more whole grains (see post on porridge) and findings might explain how many people can be healthily obese.


One thought on “Nordic diet means you could be fat and healthy

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    Top totty those Danish women!

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