My most popular posts in 2014

100%Once again those kind people at WordPress provide me with all kinds of statistics about my blog. 

Last year I published 168 new posts all with at least one picture on this blog. Not all my own work to be sure so thanks to those wonderful bloggers whose posts I re-blogged.

This blog is followed in 96 countries, mostly in the UK, the USA, Spain and the Philippines but with a small number of readers from African nations including Ethiopia, Qatar, and Iceland.

My ten most popular posts in 2014 were:

  1. Do you have a technical mind – top for the second year running and first published in January 2013
  2. Health predictors? Use your tape measure – published in May 2013
  3. Tough Mudder 2014 in Yorkshire – published in August 2014
  4. Everybody’s walking – published in September 2014
  5. Simple tests to predict your life expectancy – published in May 2014
  6. Dementia sufferers told to live dangerously – published in July 2014
  7. Don’t stress about Xmas – published in December 2014 but updated from 2011
  8. Burnley FC dreams become a harsh reality – published in August 2014
  9. Fun with screen printing – second favourite last year and first published in August 2013
  10. Scottish children laziest in the world – published in May 2014 jointly with Glasgow visit for Foodies – joint 10th place and reblogged from KindaDukish in May 2014

So thank you for reading and following and I look forward to another year of finding interesting and relevant topics for you.

The posts you liked in 2013


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