Pet hates that get us worked up

Where do we start?

  • Slow wi-fi (slower than little Lithuania)
  • Calls about payment protection insurance
  • Calls about car accidents or accidents at work (I have a colleague who regularly answers these in a fake Chinese accent or spins an elaborate story)
  • Calls claiming to be from Microsoft saying our computer has a problem (I like to keep them online as I struggle to find the Microsoft start button on my Apple computer)
  • Endless junk mail
  • People taking up two parking spaces
  • Drivers hogging the middle lane
  • Failing to find the start of the sticky tape (especially when you’re dong last-minute wrapping of presents)
  • People trying to get on trains, buses or trams before passengers have got off
  • Endless uploads of kids’ photos on Facebook by enthusiastic Mums

And I could add to that people dropping litter or throwing it from cars.

About 1 in 3 of people surveyed by Nurofen said that the daily hassles made them feel ill and 1 in 5 had stress-related tension every day.

two_way_puzzle_people_1600_wht_4872And when it comes to annoying your loved ones.

Top moans are:

  1. Talking when they’re watching a TV programme
  2. Getting up to stretch or changing position on sofa (or in my case turning over the pages of a newspaper)
  3. Men sitting with their hands down their pants
  4. Having to watch your partner picking their nose
  5. Chatting on the phone during a programme

Other annoying behaviours reported in a survey by a TV broadcaster including fighting over the remote control and clipping your toe-nails. Some of these are pretty gross aren’t they.

I’m surprised that paying more attention to your smartphone than your partner wasn’t on the list.

A survey by Swiss International Airlines found that 1/3 of Brits admitted checking their mobile phones while out with partners and almost as many dined with the phone on the table in case of alerts. FOMO is alive and well!

They also admit that they do not connect with other adults as they once did and most people get upset when people check their phones during a conversation. Well it’s just rude isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Pet hates that get us worked up

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    I can relate to a lot of these – can you?

  2. In among all the bigger fish I have to fry, many of these still grate! 🙂

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