Why microwave meals might be healthier than home cooking

place_setting_1600_wht_10503Hard to believe I know but researchers at Rush University in Chicago found that women who spent longer preparing and cleaning up after meals had a greater risk of health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol and a higher risk of a heart attack.

The risk was reduced by a third when women spent less time in the kitchen.

The study looked at almost 3,000 women in the USA over 14 years measuring their obesity, blood fat levels, cholesterol, hypertension and blood glucose levels – all risk factors for heart disease.

Although unable to pinpoint the actual cause of the risk the researchers peculated that it might be due to home-cooked meals being eaten in larger proportions than those in restaurants (and they can be big in America) or in ready-prepared meals.

They also thought that there were more healthy convenience foods available now (not sure about that).

Public Health advice often suggests home cooking because previous research showed links between eating out and weight gain. That assumes that all home cooking is healthy of course which may not be the case.

Certainly in the UK a parliamentary inquiry suggested that many of us don’t know how to cook from scratch.

However as Xmas approaches and people get up early to start the Turkey and roast potatoes and peel the brussel sprouts bear the research in mind!

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