Put on your high heel sneakers…

mbDNrygjwyOx8CopACAoAHAand the world is your oyster. Marilyn Monroe once said that women owed to a lot to whoever invented them and she was right.

  • If women drop something in the street they are 50% more likely to have a man retrieve it if they are wearing high heels rather than flat shoes.
  • If they are charity muggers they are twice as likely to get women to stop.
  • If they are looking to get picked up in a bar they only have to wait half as long as women wearing other kinds of shoes.

But women know this already, it doesn’t take scientists to tell them this. But they have. Scientists at the Universite de Bretagne-Sud wanted to know whether or not French men were helpful towards 19-year old women in tight tops and high heels. Wow, that’s an original hypothesis to test! (how do I get a grant to research this kind of stuff?)

In one experiment the women were asked to stop people in the street to answer a short survey about gender equality. When they were wearing flat shoes 40% of men responded, when they were wearing medium heels 60% responded, and when they wore high heels 80% of men responded.

For the women who were stopped it made no difference what the women asking the questions wore.

In a second experiment a woman appeared to accidentally drop a glove while walking in front of a pedestrian. If the pedestrian was female the glove was returned about 50% of the time regardless of what kind of shoes the glove wearer had. For male pedestrians however they returned the glove 60% of the time when the woman was wearing flat shoes and 95% of the time when she was wearing high heels. (Note that men were more likely to return the glove whatever kind of shoes the woman was wearing).

In a third experiment a 19-year old woman wearing a skirt and an off-the-shoulder tight-fitting top sat in a bar on her own with her legs crossed. The time before a man approached her offering overtures like “Hello I’ve never seen you in here before. or who are you waiting for?” was measured.

She was instructed to say “Hello I’m waiting for someone who will probably arrive in one or two minutes”. If she was wearing heels it took only 7 minutes before she was approached; if wearing flat shoes it took twice as long.

So scientists have been able to quantify something we all probably suspected and it adds to the body of knowledge about the power of women and published it in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

FYI If you’re a waitress you should be aware that blonde waitresses get more tips, wearing red lipstick gets you more tips, and touching the person briefly as you give them the bill gets you more tips.

And women with tattoos are considered more promiscuous (take note Cheryl of the new double-barrelled name who claims to be a singer) and men ask women more intimate questions of women when they are wearing a red shirt. Oh, and this will come as a really big surprise – big-busted hitch-hikers get lifts more easily, but only from men.

And when it comes to women in uniforms, they’re not averse to wearing high heels, at least in Eastern Europe (and Italy)

Admit it, we men are so easily led stray by a pretty face, large breasts and high heels!





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