Supermarkets are still trying to con you..

woman_walking_shopping_cart_1600_wht_8020even with the packaging, according to a recent report by the consumer pressure group Which?

Popular tricks of the trade include:

  • Small portion sizes so you’ll think they’re healthier
  • Copycat own brands sitting next to main stream brands
  • Over-sized packaging so you think you are getting more
  • Lite” meals which are actually less healthy as they substitute salt or sugar for fat – and often cost more!
  • Ham joints are often made from reformed slices injected with water
  • Packaged pricing so you can’t compare them with the same number of loose items
  • “Fair trade” chocolate which isn’t
  • Poor value gift sets i.e. it would cost the same to buy the items separately
  • Naming products after minority ingredients e.g. Innocent Cherry and Strawberry smoothies which contain mainly cheaper apples or grapes.

A third of those surveyed said they were annoyed at being misled in this way and almost half said companies shouldn’t be allowed to name only selected ingredients. The manufacturers say they name the drinks after the main flavours! FYI Innocent is now owned by Coca Cola so perhaps not so innocent any more?

Almost 8,000 Which? members were surveyed and products tested from the supermarket shelves.

Don’t ever think supermarkets are trying to give you a good deal. They squeeze their suppliers and are only there to make a profit.


4 thoughts on “Supermarkets are still trying to con you..

  1. kindadukish says:

    Well said, the whole philosophy of supermarkets is to screw the customer on price, provide fruit and veg that is under ripe and tasteless, fish that last saw the sea several weeks ago and reduce customer service, hence the massive increase in self service tills. I shall go on complaining about this every time I have to use a supermarket.

  2. […] these problems but daren’t tell us in case they lose customers. So when they are not actually misleading you, they are keeping you in the dark. And shame on you Richard Griffiths for not acting in the […]

  3. […] I’m known to have given supermarkets a kicking in the past for their general customer disservice, putting profits before your health, and price fiddling. […]

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