Food to get middle-aged men in the mood….

couple_in_love_1600_wht_10952According to nutrition expert Ian Marber, writing in The Times, here’s what men of a certain age should be consuming to boost their libidos.

Caffeine – can temporarily enhance the male sex hormone testosterone. He recommends a daily shot of espresso to tickle your testes and stimulate testosterone production.

Pumpkin Seeds – not just for Halloween! A source of argernine which helps to improve blood flow in the small arteries found you know where. Works on same principle as Viagra i.e. making muscles relax to improve blood flow. Look it up!

Avacado – apparently eating monounsaturated fats frees up available testosterone (which declines from age 40).

Oysters – not just an old wives’ tale. Oysters, beef and lamb can help to raise your libido as they are rich sources of zinc which helps to keep testosterone levels high, Oestrogen, the female hormone is also found in men and if levels gt too high it diminishes testosterone. Zinc also stops testosterone being converted into oestrogen by inhibiting the action of aromatase.

Beetroot Juice – can imitate the effects of Viagra as it raises levels of nitric oxide which encourages this muscle to relax and enhance the blood flow. Effect doesn’t last long so sip it slowly.

Sardines or salmon – There is a well-established link between vitamin D and testosterone which in turn is linked to your libido. It’s estimated that half of male population could have low levels of this vitamin. Apart from exposure to sunlight biggest source is oily fish, Wild salmon better than farmed fish and higher than tuna.

Bananas – A rich source of vitamin B6 may help to increase levels of testosterone by diminishing levels of oestrogen in men. So could improve libido – it seems to work for monkeys!

Oats – as in getting them? Well oats can reduce cholesterol and high levels of cholesterol can reduce blood flow. They contain beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that binds to cholesterol and also increases the good cholesterol. A bowl of porridge isn’t just for Winter now is it?

Lentils –  are high in foliate which can reduce amino acids produced after eating protein which can encourage the build-up of plaque in your arteries. This reduces your blood flow and you know what that leads to. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables such as asparagus or spinach as these are rich in foliate.

Almonds – Eating almonds helps to keep glucose levels steady. In turn that helps keep insulin levels steady and insulin is something else that reduces the hormone testosterone and hence the libido.

Green Tea – drink a few cups a day as the anti-oxidant flavanol catechin can improve blood flow, and you know where we’r going with that.

Apart from the libido angle these all seem like the kind of healthy foods we should all be eating anyway. I’m no expert so if you want to know more check out Ian Marber’s web-site at

And if you live in Lancashire see Nik’s expertise at QfLFitness




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