Smartphone users – get a life!

icon_flow_smart_phone_loop_500_wht_9550The latest research on smartphone use should make any intelligent person think twice about how they use their time.

Adults between 18 and 24 spend 4 hours and 20 minutes a day on their phones, with women spending 23 minutes longer than men. By comparison over 55s spend two and a quarter hours a day on their phones.

Despite this a third of us believe that smartphones have not made us any more productive.

The statistics quoted above mean that adults are spending the equivalent of one whole day a week on their phones. They use it 221 times a day for social networking, e-mailing, texting and other tasks. People connect to Facebook without realising why – just a thirst to be connected it seems.

People start using their phones at 0731 (and the new selfie trend to share pictures of people who have just woken up which is replacing the ice bucket challenge will only add to these early starters) and finally put it down at 2321. Of course if you can’t get to sleep you can always play with your phone until you do.

  • 80% of us feel lost if separated from their phones (see my earlier post on FOMO)
  • 70% of us use smartphones to make us look busy when we’re on our own (can’t be seen to not have friends?)
  • 60% of us text people working in the same building rather than finding them for a face-to-face conversation
  • 2/3 of us have started using our phones without realising why. This is more common with women (see earlier post on this)

Much of the information from this research, carried out for TecMark a digital marketing firm, is not new but as Professor Luciano Floridi at Oxford University says “If you give complete freedom to social animals, guess what happens we overdo it. We’ve never had so many opportunities to communicate with each other. But we need to learn with social media what we’re learning with obesity – that overdoing it can be bad”

And that includes being bad for your health.


7 thoughts on “Smartphone users – get a life!

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  6. […] true the message is clear. Get off your backside, ditch the gadgets and get outside to enjoy the […]

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