Squirrel spotted free-running in Burnley, Lancashire

Suddenly a shout from the back bedroom “quick there’s a squirrel stuck half-way up the wall”.

And there it was about 10′ up from the ground looking up to the roof.


It seemed to be stuck and its tail was quivering. I dashed to get my camera and when I got back it had changed direction slightly and looked like it was heading back down.

Then it changed its mind handmade a quick dash for the roof.P1020526

One final effort and there it was.P1020528

It had a quick look around and ran to the edge of the roof and took a flying leap into the tree across the pathway. It must have been 10-12 feet distance. Amazing.

It all happened so quickly and I didn’t have my camera in video mode but here’s its trajectory. It was high up and a good distance from the roof to the trees.P1020531skitch

I wonder if its the same squirrel we saw eating the bird food. Must be something in those nuts!


One thought on “Squirrel spotted free-running in Burnley, Lancashire

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