Delicious Snacks, Sides, and Dishes from Around the World

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It is time again for us to go around the world exploring all the dishes and snacks that countries and cultures have given to the world. Today’s foray into world cuisine features some great dishes and food from United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Colombia, The Netherlands, and India. Enjoy all these dishes, and don’t forget to check out our past articles on world and traditional foods at the bottom of this article…


Baked Rabbit in Cream Sauce — United Kingdom

A baked cream casserole is delicious enough by itself, but the United Kingdom makes a wonderful casserole with rabbit in a garlic cream sauce. The rabbit is quartered into two shoulders, two hind legs, two hind thighs and the saddle and browned in the casserole dish to instantly start a  rich and hearty gravy. Add traditional vegetables and cream and bake. This is a hearty casserole and is very popular…

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One thought on “Delicious Snacks, Sides, and Dishes from Around the World

  1. kindadukish says:

    Ah, the delights of the ceppellini……………

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