Short men make more house proud husbands

figure_clean_carpet_1600_wht_3782That’s according to a study by sociologists of 3,000 couples in the USA about how a man’s height impacts on his relationship.

Short men – under 5′ 7″ – were less likely to get married but once they did were less likely to get divorced compared with taller – over 6′ 2″ – men.

One reason for this (apart from gratitude cynics might say) is that they do almost eight and a half hours of housework a week, about an hour longer than the average and taller men.

The researcher said “shorter men may have a harder time getting married because they’re viewed as less masculine. Women who have traditional gender ideals might find them less desirable.

She thought the lower divorce rates were because women resistant to shorter men opted out before marrying them.

Short men are also likely to be the breadwinner as they typically marry older and less well-educated women. (1/5 of the short men in the sample were in a relationship with women who hadn’t finished high school).

I wonder how much housework Bernie Ecclestone (5′ 3″) and John Bercow (5′ 6″) do?

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