The most generous towns in the UK

donation_can_hands_1600_wht_5539Bedford has been named as the most generous place in the UK by the donation site JustGiving.

52% of its total population were registered as donors on the JustLiving website i.e. every other person living there

The next most generous place was Cambridge with 38% of the population donating to charities.


Top 10 places for charity donors

  1. Bedford
  2. Cambridge
  3. Reading
  4. Bristol
  5. Brentwood
  6. Cheltenham
  7. Norwich
  8. Woking
  9. Aberdeen
  10. High Wycombe

The average amount pledged per person was highest in Sevenoaks with £42, followed by Harpenden and London (both over £40)

FYI JustGiving compiled its list based on the number of donors and the amount donated in relation to the population and calculated the rankings by adjusting for population size.

When it comes to old-fashioned ways of giving – putting money in church collection plates – it’s the poorer parishioners who contribute more.

Anglicans earning less than £10,000 a year give more than twice as much as those earning £40,000 or more. A survey of church-goers found that those earning between £5-10,000 gave an average of almost £7 a week 0r 4.3% of their income. Professionals on salaries on £40-60,000 gave more – about £16.00 a week – which was less in proportion to their income, about 2%.

The church’s national stewardship officer thought that people who had endured hardship had learnt to be more generous.

Parishioners are now being encouraged to donate a fixed proportion of their income to the church and church charities reminiscent of the old the system when people gave 1/10 of their income.

Looking at the fancy palaces and lifestyles of the top clergy I would have thought they could have given a lot more or taken a lot less and been more generous to the working poor.


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