Burnley FC dream becomes a harsh reality

Burnley FC, the team that against all odds gained promotion to the Premier League this season, had to wait until Monday night for their first game due to TV scheduling.

And their first game was against the team seen as likely champions – Chelsea.P1020483

The game didn’t end well for Burnley who lost 3-1 to a taller, heavier, more skilful  – and richer team. Chelsea have spent more on transfers in the Summer (and more than any other club in the last 10 years) than Burnley have ever spent in their existence since 1888!

Chelsea are also the club with the biggest debts but are bank-rolled by a Russian oligarch who made his billions in energy supplies and has remained on Putin’s good side.

So onward and hopefully upward this weekend at Swansea!



4 thoughts on “Burnley FC dream becomes a harsh reality

  1. sed30 says:

    Im a palace fan and you know how we have started this season. Football is tough in the premier – good luck

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