The secret to a perfect relationship

couple_in_love_1600_wht_10952The ingredients for a happy, long-lasting relationship are:

  1. Five cuddles a day
  2. Saying I love you before you go to sleep
  3. Sex twice a week
  4. Sharing two hobbies
  5. Regarding you partner as your best friend
  6. Dividing up the household chores
  7. Having the same taste in films
  8. Sharing the cooking
  9. Being able to admit you are wrong after an argument

And if you meet all those criteria then you are also likely to enjoy:

  • travelling to new places (presumably on public transport)
  • talking to each other
  • going on date nights three times a month
  • having at least one romantic meal a month
  • taking two romantic breaks a year

That’s according to the latest research involving 2,000 adults carried out by National Rail. Perhaps not surprisingly they found that ideal partners are more likely to have met on public transport than on a blind date. 

The marketing manager at the Association of Train Operating Companies said it was good to know that couples didn’t necessarily expect lavish holidays, preferring to visit places in the UK for romance, and that it was more about couples appreciating the time they had together.

This chimes well with positive psychology research into happiness; it’s usually the experience rather than the acquisition of worldly goods that make us happy.

FYI the survey was carried out to launch a new “Two Together” card with which you can save 1/3 the price of tickets when you travel together.


One thought on “The secret to a perfect relationship

  1. kindadukish says:

    Sex twice a week?……………are you sure that that wasn’t twice a month?

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