The best place to find a friend

is in the office. According to a poll of over 1.000 people by a gluten-free food supplier.

stick_figures_at_water_cooler_pc_1600_wht_3800The average Brit has 64 friend, and while the closest friends are still those from our schooldays we have more in common with people we work with.

A third of those polled admitted to having more in common with colleagues than friends and relatives and almost 40% had befriended at least 10 people at work.

Almost half of those surveyed said that the workplace was the likeliest place to form relationships, because of the long hours worked, followed by schools, clubs and social media.

For women to form a friendship at work you have to have shared personal problems; for men it’s making friends over a drink after work.

And for 13% of people sharing a dislike of someone at work helped to forge a bond!

Other studies have found that increasingly people are meeting their future partners at work. It’s even claimed that you are more likely to marry someone you meet at work whereas meeting someone in a pub or online is more likely to end in a one-night stand or just a fling.



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