How kind are we in the UK?

figure_with_keys_1600_wht_4451A National Altrusim study, carried out by an online lost property retrieval service, found that the best place to lose your keys and get them back were Oxford, Belfast and Cambridge.

90% of us like to think that we would return a lost set of keys to their rightful owner but the survey, based on 850 sets of keys which had the owners’ details attached being dropped in 15 cities, showed that was far from the case.

On average only 60% of people returned the keys.

In Glasgow only 1 in 3 sets of keys were returned to the owners. Geordies were slightly better at 38% returns (but were the quickest to return them) and Liverpool was better with 44%.

Brendan Burchill, Head of Sociology at the University of Cambridge said “the fast-paced nature of modern life means that even when we know it would be ethical to act in a certain way, our best intentions are not acted upon.”

League table of returned keys

  • Cambridge 80%
  • Belfast 80%
  • Oxford 80%
  • Brighton 74%
  • Bristol 74%
  • London 68%
  • Edinburgh 60%
  • Leeds 59%
  • Manchester 58%
  • Plymouth 54%
  • Birmingham 46%
  • Liverpool 44%
  • Cardiff 40%
  • Newcastle 38%
  • Glasgow 34%



One thought on “How kind are we in the UK?

  1. kindadukish says:

    And the purpose of this study (not to mentions the cost) is what?
    We do not have enough money for cancer research, research into heart conditions and many other diseases that plague society and yet we spend money in academic establishments on research of this kind…….it makes you want to weep.

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