Life satisfaction in the EU

figure_standing_on_blank_note_text_10947Not only are we some of the loneliest people in the EU with very few of us having friends to turn to in a crisis but we only came out 11th of the 28 EU countries in terms of life satisfaction in the same ONS survey.

We came behind Germany, Spain and the Nordic countries with only 71% of us reporting high levels of satisfaction with life.

Perhaps predictably the Danes came out with the highest levels of life satisfaction and Bulgarians came out with the lowest.

This survey is part of a series to measure well-being in the populationScandinavian countries usually do well in surveys of this kind.

With regard to health only 6 out of 10 Brits ranked their health as  good or very good, despite having one of the longest “healthy life year” ratings in Europe at 64.5 years. The Irish feel the healthiest and the Lithuanians the least healthy.

Malta has the highest life expectancy in the EU at 72.4 years for women and Slovakia the lowest at 53.1 years.




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