Brits are among the loneliest people in EU

Only Germans are less friendly with their neighbours.

sitting_on_curb_holding_sign_12927It seems we’re unlikely to know our neighbours and will probably have to fend for ourselves in a crisis.

Only 58% of Brits feel connected to people in their neighbourhood.

Cyprus and Romania topped the table in a survey of the 28 EU countries.

The UK came 3rd from bottom when asked if they had a close friend to turn to in a personal crisis – only 1 in 8 people could say yes. Only the French and the Danes have fewer reliable friends. Eastern Europeans, Spaniards and Greeks have more friends they can rely on with Slovakia and Lithuania topping the table in that respect.

Bottom 5 overall

  • Germany 58%
  • UK 58.4%
  • Finland 61.7%
  • Austria 61.9%
  • Italy 64,4%

Top 5 overall

  • Cyprus 80.8%
  • Romania 79.9%
  • Croatia 78.8%
  • Latvia 78.5%
  • Spain 78.2%

Britain’s position is curious given that we participate far more than other EU countries in sport, cultural activities, and volunteering. And the survey, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), found that 80% of Brits are satisfied with their social life and relationships with their families.

However there are few places where generations mix in Britain, unlike many European countries, and we live segmented lives according to Professor Frank Furedi at the University of Kent.



3 thoughts on “Brits are among the loneliest people in EU

  1. […] only are we some of the loneliest people in the EU with very few of us having friends to turn to in a crisis but we only came out 11th of the 28 EU […]

  2. kindadukish says:

    But we are the sexiest in Europe!

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