Three cheers for the Sots!

woman_shopper_carrying_bags_500_wht_8079The Sots – still out there at sixty

Great piece in the Sunday Times this week about older women, like Debbie Harry (68), Jenny Agutter (61), Twiggy (64), Meryl Streep (64) Diane Keaton (68), and Jane Asher (68).

In an  interview novelist Maeve Haran she talks about her latest  book which charts the lives of university friends who have known each other for 45 years and still get together every month for drinks, just as Haran does with her friends drinking champagne at the Ritz.

These are affluent women who don’t feel their age and are up for a new uncharted period in their lives (her words not mine). They certainly don’t look like their own mothers at that age.

They are more likely to be getting divorced, travelling, taking a younger lover, or setting up a business.

So how do you spot these Sots?

  • She’s more glamorous than her 25 year-old daughter
  • She has better clothes
  • She takes better holidays
  • You can never get her on the phone (she’ll be at the spa)
  • She’ll babysit but you need to book her well in advance
  • She’s got great hair but after all she’s known her hairdresser longer than her husband
  • She hides her bus pass in an expensive cover
  • She wears opaque tights until June because she knows how to make sixties-style tunics work

Well if Mick Jagger is still out there at 70 why not?


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