Texting while driving worse than being drunk

texting_while_driving_accident_1600_wht_7651Using mobile phones whilst driving is a menace to other road users.

The latest research from the Transport Research Laboratory, reported in the Sunday Times, showed that a driver’s reaction time slowed by 46% when making a call on a hand-held mobile, by 37% when texting and by 27% using a hands-free phone.

For drivers on the drink-drive limit of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood reactions times were reduced by 13% and for those using cannabis 21%.

And according to an RAC poll 50% of drivers aged 18-24 texted while driving.

Even “Mr Loophole” lawyer Nick Freeman says “impose a one-year ban and that would solve the problem”

So over to the government which is rightly considering increasing the penalties for this anti-social behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Texting while driving worse than being drunk

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