Supermarkets target kids with junk food at checkouts


Now Tesco has announced that it will stop the practice in smaller stores by the end of the year. It was under some pressure to do so.

And it’s so annoying, Tesco is probably the worst. It says its stopped the practice in larger stores some time ago but they still put sweets in bins at child level opposite the checkouts.

The Department of Health said it now accepts evidence that food promoted in areas where customers queue is “less healthy than elsewhere”.

Jane Ellison, the recently appointed Public Health Minister, had identified this as an “area for action” because parents have indicated that the positioning of sweets at checkout queues can increase pestering by children.

She said “foods sold at impulse purchase points such as checkouts experience uplifts in sales”.

David Cameron has commented on this before asking why when he wants to buy a paper he gets offered chocolate bars (that will be W H Smith).

The government launched a Responsibility Deal to work with supermarkets in an attempt to combat obesity and alcohol consumption. They don’t appear to have had much success so far.

There’s a national campaign aginst “guilt lanes” called “Junk Free Checkouts” launched by the British Dietetic Associationand the Children’s Food Campaign. Check it out here.


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