Eat less, live longer, and look good for your age.

custom_text_uncovered_12186Yes the secret to staying young might just be to eat less.

Researchers at Newcastle University, England, found that one way to slow down the ageing process was to reduce your calory intake by restricting your diet.

This study was on mice and previous studies on rats at University College, London found the same thing.

It’s to do with mitochondria and the condition of its proteins. Mitochondria generate the energy required to keep our bodies going.

Reduced diets meant that the animals could produce protein complexes more efficiently and also produce fewer free radicals.

Thomas von Zglincki. professor of cellular gerontology at the Institute for Ageing and Health at Newcastle said  “the findings are an important breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for people”.

Also this week a suggestion that eating just two meals a day and no snacks is the best way to stave off Type 2 diabetes.

Elsewhere researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand recommend having intense bursts of exercise before eating. Overweight people with insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, were asked to do 6 one-minute bursts of exercise on one day and 30 minutes of moderate execs on another. The intensive exercise reduced glucose levels after eating by 12% more than the continuous exercise.

However as a spokesperson at Diabetes UK said, high intensity exercise at 90% of maximum heart rate is not suitable for everyone, particularly for older patients or those with cardiovascular problems.

And still on ageing it seems women aren’t interested in the spin surrounding anti-ageing products. A study of older women found that the primary aim of women aged over 60 was to look good for their age, not to look young. The research was carried out by a psychologist at the London College of Fashion.She said “we know advertising works by making us feel dissatisfied … but the results suggest that older women may be less susceptible than other groups of consumers”

Evolutionary psychology argues that men prefer younger women who are more likely to be child-bearing and that puts pressure on women to look younger. But now a third of the population is over 50 that has changed.

She said products that say “look your best” or “look great” should be more successful with this age group.

I posted on ageing and long-living Japanese women previously.

These are timely results as a Europe-wide WHO study predicts that 3/4 of British men will be obese by 2030 and 2/3 of women. This puts them at risk of strokes and heart disease. Ireland is predicted to have the fattest population followed by the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, and the UK.

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