If you’re getting married have a big wedding

champagne_banner_our_wedding_500_wht_604It seems that the bigger the wedding you have the happier you will be in your marriage.

According to research funded by the US National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and carried out at the Centre for Marital & Family Studies at Denver University.

The findings  suggest that saying their vows in front of a large number of friends and family may reinforce a couple’s belief that they have made the right decision. It may also provide them with a wider range of support when things are not going so well.

Two years after their wedding couples who had held large weddings endured less conflict, spent more quality time together and confided in each other more than those who hadn’t.

For every additional guest there was a small increase in levels of reported happiness regardless of the couple’s income. The couples in the study had an average of 118 guests.

These results are part of a tracking study of over 400 couples since 2006 following their engagement and subsequent marriage.

There are a number of factors which have a negative effect on the marriage. These are:

  • children from previous relationships
  • believing that one of them is less committed
  • marrying after pregnancy or childbirth
  • previously cohabiting with someone else
  • any previous sexual relationship with another partner

Factors which have a positive impact are:

  • both completing high school
  • if their parents were both together in their teens

A study in London found that couples were putting off or postponing marriages because of the trend towards bigger and more extravagant weddings. So invite a lot of guests but keep the costs down. This trend might be thought of as couples taking out insurance by investing in and celebrating their marriage so publicly.

This is not good news if you are a parent paying for it of course.  Look on the bright side; there might be less chance of your child returning home when the marriage fails.


2 thoughts on “If you’re getting married have a big wedding

  1. kindadukish says:

    Why not just bugger off and get married without telling anyone. Saves on costs, the inevitable offending of various family members and possible punch ups at the reception.

  2. […] looking back at the previous post on bigger weddings = more happiness, they did only follow them up for a couple of […]

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