Brits are happy to be childless

businesslady_shrugging_500_wht_14231Britain has the third highest rate for childlessness in the OECD i.e. developed countries. withy 1 in 5 women never having children.

You might be surprised to see that Italy is in top spot followed by Austria. It seems it’s getting harder and harder to afford top bring up children with many women delaying having them until they feel more financially secure and then it’s too late.

Others are called “socially infertile” i.e. they haven’t met the right man. And others just don’t want any.

Not having children doesn’t seem to impact on a couples’ happiness, at least in the USA. Research found that no group of parents, whether married, step-parents or single, reported greater emotional well-being than those without children.

Economists have found an increase in happiness in the year before a child is born (wonder why that might be?) and in the year the child is born but after that there is a sharp fall until by the time the child is aged four the parents are no happier than before they had the child.

One expert thought parents got bogged down in the day-to-day chores related to having children rather than enjoying them. Parents also have anxiety about what the future will bring for their children.


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