Long life the Japanese way

grandma_cane_fencing_500_wht_192Japanese women live longer than any other women – an average of 86.4 years compared to an average of 82.7 for British women and 84.4 for Italian women.

Experts think British women could catch up if the adopted the same lifestyle.

That would involve eating less (Japanese women consume 25% fewer calories) and cutting out bread and dairy but drinking green tea and raw fish.

The Japanese diet typically consists of fish three times a week with grains and vegetables, tofu and seaweed.

They also eat octopus and squid which are rich in taurine which reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

Food is eaten in small amounts on small plates – something we know psychologically helps you to eat less. Short chopsticks are used which forces you to eat more slowly and helsp reduce the volume eaten.

Japanese men don’t do quite as well however with a life expectancy of 79.9 years behind Iceland, Sweden and Switzerland. British men are expected to live until 78.9 just behind the longest living in Iceland who live to 80.8 years.




3 thoughts on “Long life the Japanese way

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