Something to be happy about in Burnley

Last week Burnley FC secured promotion to the Premier league by beating Wigan Athletic at Turf Moor. This weekend they beat Ipswich, who needed to win to gain a play-off place, and after the game received the trophy and well deserved medals.P1020116

The crowd were introduced to the back room staff and players as they came out of the tunnel before they posed for the press and opened a few bottles of bubbly.P1020121

Burnley has probably the smallest squad in the championship having used only 23 players with only one bought and one on loan all season.

And don’t forget they went a whole year without losing at Turf Moor and had the best defensive record in their division.



2 thoughts on “Something to be happy about in Burnley

  1. […] of you who live locally will know that the clarets will be starting their victory parade through town at that time, which is pretty tough to compete […]

  2. […] But today was about Burnley FC and here are earlier posts from Turf Moor. […]

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