Special Day in Burnley, Lancashire

P1020089Burnley Football team was promoted to the Premier League today. The picture above was taken as the final whistle blew on a 2-0 defeat of FA Cup winners Wigan Athletic at Turf Moor.P1020093P1020098P1020102The manager Sean Dyche takes the applause from an ecstatic crowd.

Promotion to the Premier League is something I thought I’d never see in my lifetime. A small town club, albeit one of the founder members of the football league, competing against millionaire players at foreign-owned clubs with one of the smallest squads around.

Burnley did it in 2009 via the playoffs and did it in fine style this time going unbeaten at home for over a year in the process and having the best defensive record in the division. 

What will next season bring?


3 thoughts on “Special Day in Burnley, Lancashire

  1. kindadukish says:

    Well done the clarets……….lets hope they establish themselves in the Premier League next season.

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