Ukrainian Orthodox Easter services in Lancashire

In this small Ukrainian Orthodox church in Rochdale, Lancashire the Easter service on Friday was “the bringing out the shroud”. The priest is here walking round the altar several times carrying a symbolic shroud.

P1020036You can see the back wall is completely covered with icons (an iconostasis).

P1020039On Saturday afternoon it was the “blessing of the baskets”.

People take baskets of food including a traditional bread called paska, and decorated eggs.

P1020058The priest blesses all the baskets, and the congregation, with holy water and everyone donates an egg for those who can’t afford to bring them (largely symbolic).

There will be late night services in other churches to celebrate this important event in the Christian calendar.

This weekend Easter fell on the same dates for both Western and Eastern christians. In case you’re curious about why Easter dates vary so much here’s an explanation from the BBC web-site.

Photography note. I can’t use flash as the incense in the air creates a fine mist which the light bounces off so they have to be manual shots an sometimes a bit blurred.


5 thoughts on “Ukrainian Orthodox Easter services in Lancashire

  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mike says:

    You’re very welcome

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  4. I want to congratulate you for the promotion and
    maintenance of the true faith, the faith of our ancestors Orthodox
    faith. Orthodox faith is the only true path to God!

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