Cuddle up and stay close

hotel_room_1600_wht_12721Couples who cuddle up in bed are more likely to have a good relationship.

That’s according to Professor Richard Wiseman and his team of psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire who studied the sleeping habits of 1,000 people.

Professor Wiseman said; “What happens at night reflects what is happening during the day. One of the most important differences was how much couples touched.”

94% of couples who spent the night in contact with each other were happy in their relationships compared to only 68% of those who didn’t touch.

And the farther apart the couples were during the night the more likely they were to be unhappy with their relationships. 86% of couples who slept less than an inch apart  were satisfied compared to only 66% of those who slept more than 30″ apart.

The most popular sleep position was back-to-back (42%) followed by sleeping facing the same direction (32%) with only 4% sleeping face-to-face.

If you’re having problems it might help to cuddle more, after all looking into someone’s eyes makes them appear more attractive.

Previous research has shown that women in long-term relationships fell asleep more quickly and woke up less during the night than single women or hose in new relationships.


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