A country cemetery

P1020022Cemeteries are fascinating places. Full of history (obviously) and they make you think about life and wonder about the people buried there. Walking through the old cemetery at Goodshaw Fold in Crawshawbooth (near Rawtenstall, Lancashire) you see the old-fashioned names like Emmanuel, Nancy, Nora, Alice, and Fanny.

P1020025It was a beautiful Spring day with a fresh breeze and looking across the valley to the hills beyond you could imagine what it would be like on a rainy windswept day.

P1020029I  noticed that the gravestones near the church were packed closely together, perhaps to be nearer the place of worship, while others were spaced out in rows,

P1020027Sadly many of them had fallen victim to subsidence, especially the stones mounted on legs like tables.

P1020033Near the church door there was a headstone in memory of an excise officer, Ferrow Marshall, who had died in 1820 at the age of 31. He was from up near the Scottish border originally and you wonder what brought him to Lancashire as a tax collector



3 thoughts on “A country cemetery

  1. kindadukish says:

    Excellent photos and love the “old names”………some of which are coming back into fashion!

  2. […] I mentioned in a recent post a number of old-fashioned names in a country graveyard. […]

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