International Day of Happiness

put_on_a_happy_face_500_wht_5883The Danes enjoy the best quality of life in the EU with the Bulgarians having the worst according to latest ranking of the 28 EU countries.

The Danes have 3 times the purchasing power of Bulgarians, live 5 years longer on average and have a third of their unemployment rate.

Scandinavia always dominates EU rankings on happiness and quality of life (Australia does best outside the EU) but this is the first attempt by Eurostat to create a quality of life index based on eight factors including health, wealth and education.

Denmark came top followed by Finland in second place and Sweden in third place.

Next came Luxembourg, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, the Irish Republic and in tenth place Britain! At least we came ahead of France and Germany.

Danes attribute their regular high rankings to their healthy work-life balance. Spain came 7th with the longest life-expectancy at 82.5 years followed by Italy at 82.4. It’s 81 in the UK by the way.

March 20th was designated as the International Day of Happiness by the United Nations in 2012.

For a world perspective see this post from last year on happiness


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