My most popular posts in 2013

pencil_draw_checkmark_yellow_clipboard_1600_wht_3271Those kind people at WordPress provide all kinds of statistics about blogs. For example April 29th 2013 was my busiest day last year with the picture of the sheep among the hits.

Last year I published 234 new posts and 198 pictures on this blog; not all my own work to be sure so thanks to those wonderful bloggers whose posts I re-blogged.

My blog is followed in 94 countries but mostly in the UK, the USA, and Spain.

My five most popular posts last year, in reverse order, were:

5th: Living apart, the thoroughly modern couple

4th: Middle-born children do best

3rd: The Urn in Ramsbottom

2nd: Fun with screen printing

1st: Do you have a technical mind?

So thank you for reading and following and I look forward to another year of finding interesting and relevant topics for you.

The posts you liked in 2012


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