the real scandal: olivia pope drinks fake wine

And more on the topic of wine …


I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how they’re all Olivia Pope-ish as they grab a glass of red wine and settle in to watch the new episode of Scandal. Fine, all for any show that gives grapes their rightful place in a scene. I’m used to shows employing various techniques to hide bottle labels, and have become pretty damn good at detecting what they are anyway (see: all my Mad Men wine posts). Obviously, I had to get my Pope on and investigate this.


This is really far more offensive than some political wiener  blowing up his office with ugly private parts pics.

In Episode 4 this season, where Noel from Felicity (don’t know his Scandal name, don’t feel like looking it up) is consoling Olivia with some red wine, they’re drinking “California Oak” wine.

olivia pope wine scandal

pope wine scandal

This is not a real wine. Also, ew…

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