French experts not impressed by British wine drinkers

wine_and_glass_1600_wht_10688Leaving aside our historical dislike of the French (I’ve just finished reading Bernard Cornwell’s Harlequin about the battle of Crecy) it seems that the French wine experts may be right, at least when it comes to drinking wine.

Research as part of a marketing campaign by French Wines with Style identified a number of mistakes that we Brits regularly make when we drink wine – even though we might think we are experts.

If you do any of these you’re not as expert as you think you are about wine:

  • Warming wine on the radiator
  • Keeping champagne in the fridge
  • Storing wine in the kitchen where it’s hot
  • Diluting the flavour by adding ice cubes
  • Mistaking floating bits of cork with the wine being “corked”
  • Ordering wine by its number because we can’t pronounce its name
  • Complaining that the waiter hasn’t poured enough wine when you’re only being offered enough for a taste
  • Ordering expensive wine in the belief that it will taste better
  • Ordering wine with a high alcohol content in the belief that it is of better quality

The French advice is “If you want advice don’t be afraid to ask whether in a store or a restaurant”


2 thoughts on “French experts not impressed by British wine drinkers

  1. kindadukish says:

    The French have some room to talk in view of their very dubious history of “boosting” wines in both Bordeaux and Burgundy with heavier alcohol wines form the South of France and North Africa, and why buy a mediocre French wine for £10,00 when I can get an excellent one form the “new world” growers for the same price or less?

    • info4u2bu says:

      I know but the post was really about how people behave when drinking wine not the honesty of the wine trade (but you could blog on that). Ane I think they make a good point about price and alcohol content not necessarily equating to quality and taste.

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