Who are the better slimmers, men or women?

carrying_text_12640Well it turns out that men are better at slimming according to research carried out by Slimming World.

A large study of 1.2 million dieters found that men had fewer emotional issues when it came to dieting (women might say that applies to everything men do – apart from supporting their favourite sport team).

Over  a 13-week period men lost an average of 6.1% of their body weight whereas women lost only 4.6%. For men that was 1st 2lbs compared to 11lb for women.

Men, it appears, are less likely to be knocked off track by events at work or in the family and don’t use food as a comfort or a reward.

Dr Jacquie Lavin who carried out the research for Slimming World said ” the research suggests that men’s brains are more solutions-focused and they often tell us that they have fewer commitments at home so once they find out how our eating plan works they tend to just get on and do it. They are more focused, get off to a better start and are less likely to be distracted or taken off track by life events.”

“Women more typically want a deeper level of emotional support to uncover their issues around food and to help them to take back control over their choices in what can be a difficult and persuasive food environment, and they’re more likely to tell us that stressful or emotional events in their lives sabotage their slimming”.

She does admit that other factors also play a part such as men having more muscle and a metabolism that burns energy faster. They are also less likely to have tried diets before so it’s easier for them to follow a new routine and not carry over habits from previous attempts. But she admits it’s a combination of emotions, genetics, culture and our environment. “Allowing yourself some time to focus on yourself and your weight loss is definitely central to success”

Dieting is big business and of course I’m suspicious of research sponsored by slimming companies but Dr Lavin, perhaps unwittingly, admits that women are more likely to have tried dieting before, unsuccessfully. And it’s a fact that diets don’t work except for maybe 10% of people and yet a large percentage of people are on diets permanently and move from one fad to another.

Save your money buying diet food and dietary supplements: just exercise more and eat less and more healthily.


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