Mums could do better when it comes to baby food

chef_stiring_pot_anim_500_wht_6703Baby foods from leading brands contain far fewer nutrients than home-made food. 

A study by the University of Glasgow, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, found that many contained high levels of sugar.

Some are promoted for babies from 4 months of age when experts think babies should still be on breast milk or formula.

You would have to feed your baby twice as much shop bought baby food as home-cooked food to provide the same level of protein and get the same energy. It’s cheaper and healthier for your baby to make your own.

Researchers at the university said “The UK infant food market mainly supplies sweet, soft, spoonable foods targeted from age 4 months… that are no more energy dense than formula milk and generally less nutritionally dense than home-made foods”.

The National Childbirth Trust say that babies don’t generally need solid foods until around 6 months.


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