Rescuing a Hedgehog

It was about 10pm and I realised we hadn’t enough milk for breakfast so I went out to my car to drive to the local 24 hour shop.

As I walked to my car the external house lights came on and I heard a strange knocking sound coming from behind the cars.

As I gingerly walked round them an alien creature popped out from under one of them.

It looked like something out of a kids programme with a plastic nose cone bobbing up and down and making the noise as it hit the cobbles.

P1010515Then I realised it was a hedgehog with its head stuck in a plastic drinks carton.

I gently pulled the carton off and the hedgehog was gone in a flash. I then spent 5 minutes with a torch looking under the cars to see where it had gone as I didn’t want to turn it into roadkill when I’d just rescued it.

Seeing no sign of it I reversed out and went to buy my milk taking similar care on the way back.

When I looked up hedgehogs on the internet getting their heads stuck in tins and cartons is a common danger – another example of how we damage the environment when we drop litter.

And hedgehogs are considered to be the gardeners’ friend so be careful where you put your slug pellets!


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