Turning 30? Then you’re turning into your parents!

stick_figure_family_portrait_1600_wht_2962According to Mumsnet people turn into their parents when they reach 32 years of age.

Apparently it’s what young adults fear the most.

Any of us over that age will certainly recall, probably with horror, hearing ourselves say something to our kids our parents said to us.

At the very least we’ve probably called them by the wrong name – usually when we’re telling them off and our brain automatically recalls the name of the person we usually tell off.

Given that teenagers are supposed to rebel and that most people are settled in a relationship by their thirties (possibly one of several in their lives) it might not be  bad thing for people to distance themselves from their teenage kids if only in their attitudes.

Parents who attend music festivals with their kids to listen to the same music and even wear the same clothes worry me; generations are supposed to be different. Baby boomers didn’t rebel for nothing!

If kids want to listen to our music fine, as there’s not too much quality aimed at them with manufactured boy bands and female singers more interested in how different they can look. But parents getting down with the kids is a different matter.

I’m not saying I never buy modern music but I like a good tune and that’s pretty much what my parents said to me when they heard me playing Elvis or any of the 60s bands I followed.


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