Latest on things to do before you die?

stick_figure_drawing_four_check_marks_nonlooping_500_wht_6582Many people over-50 dream of globetrotting but worry they’ve left it too late.

The latest fear apparently is that you won’t have time to write your memoirs.

A recent survey found that 1 in 8 of us dreams of putting our life story onto paper.

A third still have conventional dreams of seeing their kids get married or having grandchildren but 1 in 3 also want to travel.

Other ambitions include a thirst for knowledge and 13% wanting to learn a new language.

Men were more likely to want to play an instrument or learn to fly or sail.

A fifth wanted thrill seeking experiences like swimming with sharks or sky-diving.

Boringly the top ambition was to lose weight with a fifth of men and a third of women wanting to be slimmer.

And the bottom line for half of those surveyed by Populus said they didn’t have the money and if they did have it they didn’t think they’d find the time.

So this is not an exhaustive bucket list but what seems to me to be reasonable aspirations. So my suggestions are:

Apart from the fun you’ll have they’re all things that will keep you mentally and physically active longer.


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