FOMO: Our obsession with Smartphones

woman_cellphone_talk_1600_wht_7922I posted in July about the fact that 40% of women are unable to go more than an hour without checking their mobile phones or tablet for a new message.

They feel compelled to repeatedly look at their digital gadgets for fear they might be missing out on news and gossip (FOMO).

And a third of British women say they would rather lose their passport than their phone that they are so dependent on.

And would you believe 1 in 5 of them say their smartphone is as important as their husband, a quarter say it’s as important as their best friend?

The study by eBay also found that almost half of the women had taken a call or sent a message during a date and 1 in 6 have done so while making love.

Obsession or what? And it’s just as bad in America where a study of students found that many of them spent half their day using digital media of some kind.

Well now. following a new survey, it has a name “Nomophobia” (No-Mobile-Phone-Phobia) and it’s being suggested that just over half of the British population fear being out of mobile phone contact. Women are 17% more likely to suffer from this new phobia than men.

1 in 5 people say they check their phones in bed and over 40% take them to the beach.

Almost a third of people check their work e-mails at home with men more likely to do that than women but women are more likely to check their phones during a date.

It’s clear smartphones are seen as much as a social tool as a business one and are used for storing a lot of personal data. The company that carried out the latest survey expressed concern that only half of us use a password to secure our data.


7 thoughts on “FOMO: Our obsession with Smartphones

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