Youngsters DO lack grit, say employers: Minister is backed over controversial claim that school leavers aren’t fit for work

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Businesses yesterday backed a minister who triggered controversy by saying young people lack the ‘grit’ to get jobs.

Nick Hurd was criticised after saying qualities such as ‘confidence, discipline and self-control’ were not being taught at school, in an interview with the Mail.

But yesterday business leaders and even senior Labour MPs lined up to agree that many teenagers have been left ill-equipped for the job market.


 Mr Hurd’s comments caused controversy on Tuesday but he has since been proven right as business leaders rush to confirm his theories

Neil Carberry, a director at the CBI, said: ‘What employers tell us is very much around grit, tenacity, self-determination to get on with colleagues, which is what Nick Hurd is talking about.

‘The Government has rightly pushed for more rigorous exams, but there is also space in the curriculum for character skills. Head teachers are only judged on their GCSE results…

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