There is a downside to vigorous exercise..

knee_pain_1600_wht_2143it seems we are damaging our joints through aggressive exercising and playing sport at an age when it’s probably not a good idea!

Apparently there has been a massive increase in replacement knee and hip joints over the last 5 years as the baby boomer generation prolong their active lifestyles.

Professional footballers in the UK are 10 times more likely to have hip arthritis than men of a similar age and women footballers may be at even more risk following knee injuries.

It’s the same story in the U.S. as in males under the age of 60, arthritis is over 3 times more prevalent in retired NFL players than in the general U.S. population. Again this early-onset arthritis may be due to the high incidence of injury in football.

It seems that it’s the twisting motion involved in sport like football that does the damage.

Running was once thought to be bad because of the impact but now it seems that running in straight lines is not so bad as it strengthens your muscles.

It seems like you’ve got a choice – you either burn out and expect joint replacement surgery or rust out, become obese and die prematurely!

And we are already a nation of couch potatoes!


One thought on “There is a downside to vigorous exercise..

  1. […] guidance at present recommends vigorous exercise for 75 minutes a week but people doing much less were just as healthy in a survey of 55,000 people […]

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