Basically we are slobs in UK when it comes to exercise

I was shocked when I read that almost 10% of UK adults have not walked continuously for 5 minutes in the previous 4 weeks!

stick_woman_toe_touch_500_wht_12023Researchers at Bristol University, funded by the Economic & Social Research Council, examined the lifestyles of 1 million adults using the government’s annual Active People Surveys going back to 2006. They found that we are a nation with “very high levels of physical inactivity”.

They argue that this is largely down to socio-economic factors as the study can be analysed by local authority ,income, and ethnicity.

Almost 80% of us fail to hit national targets ie performing moderate exercise for 30 minutes twelve times a month. Apart from the headline fact about walking continuously for 5 minutes (which excludes shopping which I think is unfair as it can be a battle ground in your local supermarket) almost half of us haven;t walked for leisure for 30 minutes during the previous month.

90% of people had not swum (I can’t blame them given the state of some of the changing rooms and the risk of catching athletes’ foot) or used a gym over the same period (again have they considered the high cost of using a gym?).

There is a direct correlation between and individual’s education, household income, local area deprivation and lack of physical activity. The less deprived the area the more likely that there will be sports and recreation facilities to use.

The better educated you are the more likely you are to indulge in physical activity eg only 12% of degree-educated adults are inactive compared to three times as many with no qualifications.

FYI more than a quarter of the adult UK population is obese and 44% of men and 33% of women are overweight.


9 thoughts on “Basically we are slobs in UK when it comes to exercise

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