Children’s books authors suffer from celebrities

jenny_holding_book_sit_apple_500_wht_470 A successful children’s author has spoken out against celebrity “authors” whose books – the literary equivalent of musak –  fill bookshop shelves at the expense of decent writers.

G P Taylor has had 14 books published and three of them made into films, eg Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, and Shadowmancer, but now says he is being squeezed out of the market place and has given up writing children’s books.

Publishers are signing up celebrities regardless of whether or not they can write. because they know they will get them on a morning TV show to publicise their book.

Not that all of them even write the book. How Katie Price can be described as “a best-selling author” without breaching the Trades Description Act I don’t know as she admits she uses a ghost writer.

Frank Lampard admitted he came up with the characters and story line but only wrote a bit of his book about Frankie’s Magic Football, and Holly Willoughby wrote a book with her sister Kelly which combined “Holly’s runaway imagination … and Kelly’s creative mind and love of writing”.

One well-known personality who does write his own books is Simon Mayo who describes authors who don’t as “ghastly”.

Some book publishers say they won’t publish a book just because it’s by a celebrity but Random House excuse publishing Price’s books as “introducing kids to the enjoyment of reading …. a positive thing”.

One author said kids wouldn’t be fooled and if a book by a celebrity was bad they wouldn’t read it.

I think he’s missing the point that these celebs get real writers to do all the work for them but claim all the glory.


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