National Happiness improves just a little

happy_face_smile_button_1600_wht_9149Despite, or because of, major events like the Olympics and the Royal Jubilee celebrations, the number of Brits reporting high levels of life satisfaction rose from 75.9% to 77% last year. Those reporting high levels of anxiety fell from 21.8% to 20.9%.

This is according to the official study of national well-being published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Life satisfaction fell in other European countries like France, Ireland and Sweden but they are still happier than the UK.  We’re about a third of the way down the table below France but above Spain.

Jobs and personal relationships are the main things which affect how people feel about their well-being. Big events might lift people’s spirits but it doesn’t last.

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  1. […] posted on this last year so not sure why the ONS have republished these figures […]

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