Ahhh, the Creative Ways to Talk About People Behind Their Back

Quiet Girl Speak

(I actually wrote this over a year ago, but have been dying to put it on the web where I can vent into the abyss.)

Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised by how people still think they can find clever ways of talking about people behind their back. As part of the growing up process, I’ve been the victim and the bully in almost all of the following situations.

1)      The Switch Topics as Soon as the Victim Re-Enters the Room Method – As if Victim doesn’t find it a little suspicious that you are suddenly really excited about Aunt Suzy’s new puppy as soon as they re-enter the room. Add to the surprise when everyone that meets their eyes looks away really fast.

2)      The Whispering When in Earshot Method – This is my favorite. You have to give the person props when the talk about Victim loud…

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