Money is the main cause of divorces

money_war_pound_pc_1600_wht_4731Love of money or lack of it is the main cause of divorce according to research published in the Family Relationships journal.

Professor Sonja Britt at Kansas State University who studied over 4,500 couples said “it doesn’t matter how much you are worth ….  arguments about money are the top predictor in divorce because it happens at all levels”.

Rowing with a partner over money is the strongest predictor of a divorce – more than rows over children, sex, or the in-laws.

It takes longer to recover from money arguments than any other kind of disagreement as they are more intense. Couples used harsher language and the arguments lasted longer.

These rows lowered the satisfaction in relationships and if finance makes divorce impossible then it makes matters worse. The stress makes it impossible for the couple to sit down and make proper financial plans.


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