Multiples have some advantages

school_children_holding_learn_blocks_1600_wht_12276By multiples we mean twins and triplets which are increasingly common due to IVF.

Last year there were over 11,500, the highest number since records began in 1940 and most were twins.

They are expensive and noisy but experts are saying that they have advantages over children of different ages in families.

In a study conducted by Tamba, a charity that supports parents of multiples, they appear to have better communication skills and are often each other’s best friends even into adulthood with less sibling rivalry.

They are also less likely to be bored or to ask adults to in initiate activities.

They probably start communicating in the womb!

Previous research has focussed on the negative aspects of cost and parental exhaustion.

And married couples with multiples are 17% more likely to get divorced compared to families with children of varying ages.


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