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The diet dangers of healthy food: How adding fruit to dessert fools us into thinking it has a 16% LOWER calorie count

According to new research, our brains are often fooled by restaurants into thinking that adding healthy toppings to an unhealthy dish actually makes it less calorie laden.

In a Forbes study to be published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, participants were asked to estimate the calorie count of meals with a healthy base, like salad, and those with an unhealthy base, like cake.

When a topping of fruit was added to a piece of cake, participants’ calorie count prediction was a whopping 16per cent lower than it was without the topping.

Fruit toppingFooled by fruit: According to new research, we are more likely to underestimate the calorie count of unhealthy foods, like cake, when it is topped with something healthy, like fruit

This is because, according to Forbes, ‘our brains…

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